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New products


  • Glock17 Gen4 FDE, 9x19mm Glock17 Gen4 FDE, 9x19mm Sale 60 €
    Limited special offer
    624,95 € 684,95 €
    READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE! Colored frame for increased diversity! Glock17 Gen4 FDE - Special Run for Flat Dark Earth.
  • 849,95 €
    READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE! MOS - MODULAR OPTIC SYSTEM to simplify mounting of popular optic sights without costly custom machining of the pistol’s slide.
  • 849,95 €
    READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE! GLOCK 34 9x19mm. Obtaining the greatest accuracy for target engagement was the decisive reason for the development of the GLOCK 34 with extended barrel, greater slide and long distance between the sights.
  • Glock35 Gen4 Sale 130 €
    Limited special offer
    685,99 € 815,99 €
    READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE! The GLOCK 35 Gen4, in .40S&W caliber, introduces revolutionary design changes to the GLOCK that dominates the Limited Class of competitive Shooting Sports worldwide.