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Enesekaitse püstolid
  • 297,46 € 349,95 €
    READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE!Barrel 9x19  for CZ Shadow 2
  • 271,96 € 319,95 €
    READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE!Barrel 9x19 for CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow
  • 2 849,95 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! B&T USW (Universal Service Weapon). It was designed to be a weapon which enables the first responder, thus the normal patrol officer, to intervene effectively in the event of a crime event. It is also a sidearm that is suitable for every kind of “normal” police work.
  • 590,71 € 694,95 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod offers a great line of pistols stemming from the CZ 75 basic design.
  • 645,92 € 759,90 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The CZ 75 D COMPACT based on the CZ 75 design, was after 3 years of some of the most aggressive and demanding tests enlisted as duty handgun of the Czech National Police. 
  • 889,95 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The new generation of CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW pistol especially adapted according to suggestions as proposed by users from IPSC shooting sport worldwide.
  • 560,96 € 659,95 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The ground-breaking service model CZ P-09 was created on a basis of the long-lasting cooperation with many operatives from armed forces the worldwide. It was stressed that the maximum reliability and accuracy is of paramount importance, while a special attention was paid to the shooter’s comfort and ergonomics of the weapon.
  • 1 349,95 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! CZ Shadow 2 represents the generation of today's legendary CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow. 
  • 582,21 € 684,95 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! Püstol Glock17 Gen4 FDE, 9x19mm.Nüüd on saadaval FDE (Flat Dark Earth) värvitooni konfiguratsioon. 
  • 552,45 € 649,94 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! ... that make GLOCK firearms famous! The Gen4, just like any GLOCK pistol has the same time tested: “Safe Action” system, durable exterior finish, cold hammer forged barrel, durability, reliability and light weight.
  • 603,46 € 709,95 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The GLOCK 30 Gen4 in the legendary .45 AUTO offers excellent out-of-the-box precision paired with the ballistic quality of this genuine big-bore caliber.
  • 526,96 € 619,95 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED!  Püstol  HS-40 TACTICAL cal .40S&W 5” 
  • 1 401,65 € 1 649,00 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The SPHINX SDP Compact is manufactured in Switzerland to the highest standards.
  • 1 954,15 € 2 299,00 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The SPHINX SDP Production line is specifically designed to meet the demands of competitive shooters and the regulations of the World IPSC Production competition.
  • 1 954,15 € 2 299,00 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The SDP Production is closest in design to its predecessor, the famous SPHINX 3000 race pistol, and is the only choice for discerning competition shooters with the will to win.
  • 1 799,00 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The SDP Standard Alpha is a full sized pistol forged through the crucible of competition. Pedigree, precision, performance. The Legendary Swiss Quality.
  • 1 614,15 € 1 899,00 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! The SDP Standard is a full sized pistol forged in the United States and carries the pedigree of Swiss precision and performance.
  • 3 895,00 €
  • 3 199,99 €
    !EELTELLIMUSE VÕIMALUS!OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! Available calibers: .45ACP Legal for USPSA Single Stack Division, the DVC Classic, like the rest of the DVC Series - is built to win. 
  • 3 495,00 €
    !EELTELLIMUSE VÕIMALUS!OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! Available calibers: .40S&WThe DVC Limited is sure to win shooting competitions this year - question is... Will it be on your team? GO FASTER. SHOOT FLATTER. AND, UP YOUR GAME.