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STI 1911/2011

STI 1911/2011
  • 3 495,00 €
    !EELTELLIMUSE VÕIMALUS!OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! Available calibers: .40S&WThe DVC Limited Island is sure to win shooting competitions this year - question is... Will it be on your team? GO FASTER. SHOOT FLATTER. AND, UP YOUR GAME. 
  • 4 975,00 € 1On laos
  • 2 299,95 €
  • 1 695,95 €
    !PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE!READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE! Available barrel lengths: 5" Available calibers: 9x19mmClassic 1911 styling built with STI custom quality precision for solid, reliable service. BEST NOT MESS WITH TEXAS. IT’S THE LAW. 
  • 1 795,94 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! Available calibers: 9x19mmA matte blued finish makes for a classic appearance, setting the rich colored wood grips and silver parts off nicely. BUILT FOR SERIOUS SHOOTERS BY SERIOUS SHOOTERS!
  • 2 149,94 €
    OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! Available barrel lengths: 4"; 5" Available calibers: 9x19mm; .45ACP DRESSED FOR SUCCESS.
  • 1 949,95 €
    !EELTELLIMUSE VÕIMALUS!OSTU ERITINGIMUSED! Available calibers: 9x19mmTrue to its namesake, the Trojan is one tough, hard working gun ready to serve you well. A STRAIGHT UP, SOLID 1911 THROUGH AND THROUGH. 
  • 395,00 €
    READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE!STI Barrel 5.0" Bull .40S&W Caliber Short Chambered
  • 395,00 €
    READ SPECIAL TERMS OF PURCHASE!STI Barrel 5.0" Bull 9x19mm Caliber Short Chambered